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Bulmer's Norman

Why you should be excited:

Bulmer’s Norman is a bittersweet cider apple that was considered important about a century ago.


apple_bulmersnorman.jpgThe story of Bulmer's Norman:

When this apple was first brought to England –- more than 100 years ago –- it was so little known that the variety literally had no name.

It soon caught on as a bittersweet cider variety and before long was being planted pretty much everywhere cider was made.

Those heady days are long gone and today Bulmer’s Norman is used mainly for the sturdiness of its trunk – more desired varieties are grafted onto it, so there isn’t actually any Bulmer’s Norman fruit from these trees. So it’s been a bit of a tumble in significance.

However, if you’re into serious cider, you’ll likely want to include Bulmer’s Norman somewhere in your blend.

Bulmer's Norman Facts

Its origins:

Discovered in Normandy, France; early 1900s introduction.

Flavour, aroma, texture:

This medium bittersweet cider apple produces a cider with hard, bitter tannins.


A large, conical, greenish-yellow apple.

When they’re available:

Late season (usually in mid-October).

Quality for fresh eating:

You'd need peculiar taste buds to eat this one fresh.

Quality for cooking:

Very good for cider.

Keeping ability:

There's little reason to keep a cider apple. Just ferment it, baby!.

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