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Dolgo (crab)

Why you should be excited:

Dolgo is a multi-talented crab-apple good for pollinating apple trees, making jelly and even fresh eating.


apple_dolgocrab.jpgThe story of Dolgo:

Crab-apples are just a bit different from other apples. Okay, the tiny little super-sour crabs are a lot different from your average eating apple. Almost an entirely different fruit, in fact.

One great value they have is as pollinators, as crabs bloom for long periods, so can take care of a whole orchard. In addition, a blooming crab-apple tree is gorgeous and crabs make delicious jelly.

Dolgo is even more talented than that, as its little fruits are actually edible fresh.

So if you like your apples tart and like the idea of eating them five or six at a time, you just might want to diversify your apple interests by adding a crab-apple to your repertoire.

Dolgo Facts

Its origins:

Discovered in Siberia, Russia, unknown date.

Flavour, aroma, texture:

This crab-apple is actually edible fresh (as well as being good for jelly), with fruit that's firm, juicy and tart.


These little bright red crabs are about an inch and a half in diameter.

When they’re available:

Early season (usually in mid-August).

Quality for fresh eating:

Good, considering it's a tart little crab-apple.

Quality for cooking:

Very good in jelly.

Keeping ability:

So-so (about a month when kept refrigerated).

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