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Porter's Perfection

Why you should be excited:

Porter’s Perfection is an English cider apple that contributes a medium bittersharp element to cider blends.


apple_portersperfection.jpgThe story of Porter's Perfection:

Discovered in the 19th century, Porter’s Perfection became a hit cider apple in the early 20th century, with orchards throughout Somerset planting it.

While it’s generally viewed as a decent medium bittersharp, the enthusiasm of the early 1900s was perhaps a bit over-the-top. And that’s why you’ll find far less of Porter’s Perfection in today’s English cider orchards.

While it’s not exactly the world of rock stars, even cider makers seem to need a new ‘next big thing’ on a regular basis.

And Porter’s Perfection hasn’t been that since, oh… about 1910.

Porter's Perfection Facts

Its origins:

Discovered in Somerset, England, soemtime in the 19th century.

Flavour, aroma, texture:

This cider apple produces a sharp juice with little astringency.


This small apple is flushed and striped red.

When they’re available:

Very late season (usually well into November).

Quality for fresh eating:

Don't even think about eating a cider apple.

Quality for cooking:

Good for cider.

Keeping ability:

Rarely tracked (just go ahead and make the cider...).

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