Medium dry 5.1% alcohol 1,523 bottles and 5 kegs made

Tasting Notes

Celebrating the crazy diversity of our orchard, we made this blend from apples originating in 21 different countries, from England to Canada to Turkey and Japan. Even one from Slovenia, for Pete’s sake. Yes, we grow 365-plus varieties and this cider offers a tip of the cap to all of them.

365 is a bright and refreshing cider that strikes a balance between the zing of acidity and gentle sweetness from a dollop of apple juice (also from our orchard, of course) added just before bottling.

Clean and enjoyable, 365 provides a worthy bridge between our simpler and more complex ciders.

Cidermaking Notes

Harvest and pressing: We used 100 per cent apples from our diverse ‘world’ selection in our 2018 365, which we crushed and pressed between September 10 and 28.

Fermentation: We allowed this base to start off with a wild yeast fermentation and then stopped it in early October. At that point, we added a Portuguese yeast known for promoting clean aromatics and lingering flavours.

Aging: We transferred the fermented world cider base into its aging vessel on November 15 and then allowed it to age at a moderate temperature for more than six months, until early June. 

Blending and carbonating: We moved the world base into our bright tank on June 2 and blended in a modest amount of apple juice, to sweeten and moderate the alcohol level. We then carbonated and bottled, pasteurized and labelled. 365 was the last of our ciders to be released in the spring of 2019.