Ananas Reinette

Why you should be excited

Ananas Reinette is an old European apple variety known for its strong pineapple-like flavour and its versatility.

The story of Ananas Reinette

Perhaps I’m jealous of those with finer palates than mine. Or maybe it just bugs me when people try to make something out to be more than what it really is.

Either way, I am a sceptic when it comes to apple varieties described as tasting like other fruit.

We hear about banana-flavoured apples, those that taste like peaches, pears, apricots, strawberries. And several compared to pineapple.

I’ll believe it when I taste it, but I admit the widespread characterization of Ananas Reinette – and, of course, its name – lead me to think this might just be the variety that finally ends my scepticism. Our young trees have yet to produce fruit, so we're waiting to learn for ourselves if this is the case. Does this apple really taste like pineapple?

Even if it doesn’t, this variety's reputedly intense sweet-sharp flavour sounds good to us.

Ananas Reinette Facts

Its origins

Discovered in the Netherlands; first recorded in 1821.

Flavour, aroma, texture

Crisp and juicy with an intense sweet-sharp taste. Many people swear it develops a pineapple-like flavour after a month or so in storage.


A pretty golden-coloured apple with russet freckles.

When they’re available

Mid-season (usually in early October).

Quality for fresh eating

Good. Also good for juice.

Quality for cooking


Quality for cider

Not particularly known for use in cider, but like many heritage varieties, it can contribute a very nice sugar/acid balance to blends.

Keeping ability

Good (about 3 months when kept refrigerated).