Very dry 6.8% alcohol 1,806 bottles and 5 kegs made

Tasting Notes

Named for William Blaxton, who planted North America’s first apple orchard in 1625, this rustic cider is made from 100 per cent heritage North American apple varieties. Think King of Tompkins County, Grimes Golden, Winter Banana, Smokehouse, Hollow Log and many more.

You’ll notice this pale gold-coloured cider has assertive flavour. It’s very dry, so nothing masks its substantial acids and modest astringency. It’s got enough body that you’ll remember it well after you swallow.

Bill Blaxton is a great choice for the adventurous and ultra-authentic.

Cidermaking Notes

Harvest and pressing: We used 100 per cent heritage North American apples in our 2018 Bill Blaxton, which we crushed and pressed between September 21 and October 18.

Fermentation: We started with a wild yeast fermentation and then stopped it in mid-October and added an Austrian yeast known for making excellent white wines. Its particular talents are to flourish in cool conditions (which is our preference) and its ability to compete successfully with wild yeasts.

Aging: We transferred the fermented cider base into its aging vessel on November 24 and allowed it to age quietly there through the nasty 2018/19 winter and all the way through most of May. 

Blending and carbonating: We moved the base into our bright tank on May 22 and blended in a very small amount of apple juice. We added carbonation and bottled, pasteurized and labelled. Voila! Bill Blaxton was ready for you to enjoy.