Why you should be excited

Bramtot is a French bittersweet cider apple that's not especially well-known in North America..

The story of Bramtot

Certainly most North Americans have a lot to learn about fine cider and even more to learn about cider apple varieties. Even less well known are the excellent varieties from France, including Bramtot.

This is a bittersweet apple (referred to as ‘douce amere’ in France) that delivers a good jolt of tannin and even more sugar, both major bonuses for cider-making. These excellent qualities led to Bramtot being brought to England a few years later, although it didn’t exactly become a household name there.

Small, green with orange blush and some russet, this is a modest little apple on the outside, belying its power-packed insides.

It may never become well-known, but if you’re keen on cider, this is a name to keep in mind. We’re looking forward to our young trees maturing.

Bramtot Facts

Its origins

Raised from seed in Normandy, France, 1872.

Flavour, aroma, texture

Provides a low-acid, high-sugar, high-tannin juice for cider.


Small and green, with an orange blush and russet.

When they’re available

Mid-season (usually around early October).

Quality for fresh eating

Don't even think about eating a cider apple.

Quality for cooking

Ditto for cooking. Don't go there.

Quality for cider

Very good, with all that sugar and tannin giving a big boost to blends.

Keeping ability

Doesn't need a lot of time sitting after harvest before being pressed. Maybe a couple of weeks, max.