Doctor Matthews

Why you should be excited

Doctor Matthews is one of the many great old apples you’ve never heard of. Delicious with great texture.

The story of Doctor Matthews

Originating in Tennessee, this is an apple that never gained a particularly high profile. This is despite its superior quality, including flavour that an Indiana apple aficionado boasted in 1917 would convince 90 per cent of those who sampled it that Doctor Matthews was “the best apple they ever tasted.”

A forgotten star, perhaps?

As with most great-tasting apples, the secret is neither huge gobs of sugar nor great tartness, but rather the balance between these two. It doesn’t hurt any when the texture is so ideal that people conclude that Doctor Matthews actually melts in your mouth.

So why is it then -- we wonder -- that this apple is so little known?

Doctor Matthews Facts

Its origins

Likely started from seed in Brazil, Tennessee, USA, late in the 19th century.

Flavour, aroma, texture

the fine-grained cream-coloured flesh is crisp and juicy, aromatic and just slightly sweet.


This medium-sized apple is yellow with pale red flush and striping on the sunny side.

When they’re available

Mid-season (usually in early October).

Quality for fresh eating

Very good.

Quality for cooking


Quality for cider

Not particularly known for its use in cider, but we're guessing Doctor Matthews, with its aromatic, sweet juiciness, would be a solid addition to cider blends.

Keeping ability

We'll let you know when we find out.