Medium dry 5.1% alcohol 1,826 bottles and 4 kegs made

Tasting Notes

Back in the day, hard-working farmhands were rewarded each lunchtime with a rustic cider made right on the farm, often served from a small barrel, called a firkin.

This light and refreshing cider hearkens back to those simpler times, made from a second pressing of every variety in our orchard. That’s right, 365-plus different apple varieties are represented in every bottle.

Because it’s made using juice from a second pressing, Firkin is lighter in colour and lower in alcohol than our other ciders. Perfect for when you want to be refreshed, not filled.

Cidermaking Notes

Harvest and pressing: We did our first pressing for this year’s Firkin on September 12; our last was on October 14.

Fermentation: We allowed a wild yeast fermentation to start before adding a French wine yeast known for its promotion of floral esters and for performing well in cool conditions.

Aging: On November 12, we filtered and racked the cider into its aging vessel, where it aged gracefully for 148 days, through the nasty winter of 2018/19 and into spring.  

Blending and carbonating: In April, we racked the cider to our bright tank and blended in a touch of apple juice (from apples also grown in our orchard). We carbonated to a moderate level and bottled in late April and early May. We pasteurized, labelled and then it was ready!