Grimes Golden

Why you should be excited

Grimes Golden is a classic and as fantastic an apple as you're going to find in almost every way imaginable.

The story of Grimes Golden

Another of the old-time favourite apples in our orchard, Grimes Golden is the ultimate classic crisp, yellow apple.

Discovered in West Virginia back in 1832, this is a truly memorable apple to eat. The flesh is crisp, juicy and fine-grained. The aroma is spicy and distinctive and the flavour is the same: rich and unforgettable.

In addition to being a superior fresh-eating apple, Grimes Golden is also sought-after by cider-makers, who appreciate the outstanding quality of its juice.

This pretty apple also cooks well and stores even better. And the tree is a great one to include in your orchard because it's one of few varieties that can pollinate itself, plus it's great as a pollinator for others. And to top it all off, Grimes Golden starts producing good crops when the tree is still at a young age.

Grimes Golden Facts

Its origins

Discovered in West Virginia, USA, 1832.

Flavour, aroma, texture

Crisp, fine-grained, juicy flesh. Rich, distinctive, aromatic, spicy flavour.


Very good. Medium to large in size, with clear, yellow-coloured skin.

When they’re available

Late season (usually in mid-October).

Quality for fresh eating


Quality for cooking


Quality for cider

Has a great history in North American ciders, to which it contributes outstanding 'green apple' flavours.

Keeping ability

Very good (up to 4 months when kept refrigerated).