Why you should be excited

Holstein is a great multi-purpose keeper apple with flavour reminiscent of the classic Cox's Orange Pippin.

he story of Holstein

If you haven't heard of Holstein, then you're just not on top of Germany's great contributions to the world of apples. First discovered by chance in 1918, Holstein is -- quite simply -- a wonderful apple.

From a grower's perspective, we can start with the fact that this is a tree that's vigorous and easy to grow. It also happens to be disease-resistant.

Then there's the appearance of the apple, which shows a red-orange blush over its yellow skin. Pretty. Maybe a bit reminiscent of the famed Cox's Orange Pippin. Holstein is also a great keeper, able to retain its qualities for a full five months after harvest, if kept chilled.

Plus -- most importantly -- there's the flavour. The highly aromatic flavour of Holstein is much appreciated, as is its firm, juicy, creamy flesh.

Very good used in cooking, as well as for fresh eating, Holstein is an apple you'll most certainly want to try. Likely again and again...

Holstein Facts

Its origins

Discovered in Germany, 1918.

Flavour, aroma, texture

Firm, juicy, creamy flesh. Aromatic flavour reminiscent of Cox's Orange Pippin.


Good. A bit flat and lopsided, but with a beautiful orange-red blush on its yellow background.

When they’re available

Mid-season (usually in late September).

Quality for fresh eating

Very good.

Quality for cooking

Very good.

Quality for cider

Better known for juice than cider, you can be sure that excellent and well-balanced juice also works well in cider.

Keeping ability

Very good (up to 5 months when kept refrigerated).