Why you should be excited

Idared is a red apple from Idaho –- yes, they bred apples there -– that some adore and others love to diss.

The story of Idared

Perhaps you didn’t know they even bred apples in Idaho.

Well, they certainly did back in the 1930s, leading up to the 1942 introduction of this variety, which garners reviews more mixed than almost any other variety.

Austrian chefs use it for strudel, yet some Brits claim that it’s flavourless and chewy.

It’s grown in at least eight countries and is praised by some for its many possible uses and the pretty pink applesauce it makes, yet some critics refer to its flavour as ‘undistinguished’ or -– even more damning -- ‘average.’

Clearly, Idared is one you should try and  judge for yourself.

Everyone seems to at least agree that it’s a nice looking apple and one that keeps particularly well.

Idared Facts

Its origins

Bred in Moscow, Idaho, USA; 1942 introduction.

Flavour, aroma, texture

When it ripens well, it can be crisp with a sprightly flavour. When it doesn't, it can be flavourless and chewy.


There's a bright red flush over the greenish-red background of this medium-sized, flattish round apple.

When they’re available

Mid-season (usually in early October).

Quality for fresh eating


Quality for cooking


Quality for cider

Word is that Idared can be excellent in cider if you're willing to store the apples for a few months first. Yep, they say Idareds pressed in January make for quality cider.

Keeping ability

Excellent (up to 6 months when kept refrigerated).