Newtown Pippin

Why you should be excited

Newtown Pippin is the apple that launched – way back in the 19th century – the U.S. apple export industry.

The story of Newtown Pippin

How can an apple as famous and significant as this one have so much confusion around its name?

In some places, it’s known as Albermarle Pippin. In others, it’s Yellow Newton. In yet others, it’s Newtown Pippin. Where I grew up, it was plain old Newtown. Although some people called it Newton. And there are additional versions of the name, too.

Take your pick among them and it’s still going to be the same, excellent apple.

Appreciation of this variety, which rarely ripens in the U.K., is what spurred the creation of the United States’ apple export industry, as Brits loved their Newtown Pippins. The rest is history, including this variety, which was mostly pushed aside by Golden Delicious and then other varieties.

It remains an excellent apple, worth seeking out.

Newtown Pippin Facts

Its origins

Discovered in Newtown, New York, USA; introduced in 1759.

Flavour, aroma, texture

Has a brisk, aromatic quality that some equate to pineapple flavour.


It's a green to greenish-yellow, medium-sized apple, slightly flattish in shape.

When they’re available

Late season (usually in late October).

Quality for fresh eating

Very good.

Quality for cooking


Quality for cider

Newtown Pippin has a long history of use in cider and continues to be a big favourite among North American cider-makers to this day.

Keeping ability

Very good (up to 5 months when kept refrigerated).