Pig's Nose Pippin

Why you should be excited

Pig's Nose Pippin is a cute little apple with a flattish top that some say looks like a pig's snout.

The story of Pig's Nose Pippin

Admittedly, there are a few apple varieties in our orchard that are there as novelties as much as they are for the quality of their fruit.

Whether it's Peche Melba and its peach-coloured flesh, Bloody Ploughman and its great (if unbelievable) story or the red-fleshed varieties that simply catch the eye, there certainly are some additional considerations in selecting varieties on top of flavour and texture.

Enter Pig's Nose Pippin, a nice little apple that might not have caught our attention if not for its name and the claim that its flattish top looks like a pig's snout.

If we were going to go with Catshead -- and we did -- how could we not go with Pig's Nose Pippin, too?.

Pig's Nose Pippin Facts

Its origins

Uncertain origins in England, likely Hereford. First described in 1884.

Flavour, aroma, texture

The crisp flesh is sweet and lightly aromatic.


This small apple is attractive, with a flat top that reminds some people of a pig's snout.

When they’re available

Late season (usually in mid-October).

Quality for fresh eating


Quality for cooking

Mainly used for fresh eating.

Quality for cider

Not particularly known for use in cider.

Keeping ability

Good (about 3 months when kept refrigerated).