Ralls Janet

Why you should be excited

Ralls Janet is yet another classic old U.S. apple that stands out due to its excellent, strong flavour.

The story of Ralls Janet

Here's an example of how differing versions of a story can change our understanding of history.

Ralls Janet is a great old U.S. apple that became known in the 1790s, growing on the farm of Caleb Ralls, a Virginian. One story says the apple was a seedling planted by Caleb and named for his wife, Janet. Another story agrees on the origin, but says it was named Jennet or Genit, a British term for a cross-breed. And then there's a third story: that it came from France and was named for Mr. Genet, a French cabinet minister of the day.

Which is true?

Nobody's quite sure, so you get to pick your favourite. And remember to taste the apple while you're at it.

Ralls Janet Facts

Its origins

Uncertain origins, but first became known in Virginia, USA, 1790.

Flavour, aroma, texture

Firm, crisp and juicy, with a sweet aroma and nicely balanced flavour.


Medium-sized and roundish. The greenish-yellow skin is flushed, mottled and streaked with pink, red and crimson.

When they’re available

Very late season (usually in early November).

Quality for fresh eating


Quality for cooking


Keeping ability

Very good (4 months or more when kept refrigerated).