Dry 6.6% alcohol 2,065 bottles and 5 kegs made

Tasting Notes

You don’t need to be a rebel to love this delicious sipper, but it sure doesn’t hurt. It’s pleasantly pink, bubbly and quaffable. Its noticeable acidity is balanced by a hint of sweetness designed to win over even the most rebellious.

We made Red Rebel using our red-fleshed apple varieties plus a diverse range of other varieties plus a splash of organic blackberry juice and a hint of apple juice, both also from our property.

Refreshing and pretty, Red Rebel is well-suited to being served with food, especially spicy dishes.

Cidermaking Notes

Harvest and pressing: We made Red Rebel using a blend of our red-fleshed varieties, plus four of our other cider bases (world, modern, European and second press). We did our first crush of apples for it on September 10 and our last on October 16.

Fermentation: For each of the four bases, we allowed a wild yeast fermentation to start before adding a different yeast to each base to complete the long, slow, cool fermentation.

Aging: We filtered and racked each of the four bases into their aging vessels in November, where they aged until April. 

Blending and carbonating: We racked the four bases into our bright tank and blended in a dollop of blackberry juice and a dash of apple (both from organic fruit grown on our property). We carbonated to a moderate level and bottled in early May. We pasteurized before labelling.