Why you should be excited

Transparent is the classic early apple that doesn’t get the respect it deserves for its nice flavour.

The story of Transparent

Folks in the U.S. call it Yellow Transparent, the Brits White Transparent, the Germans Klarapfel and we’re just going to call it Transparent.

And while we far too often seem to pile on nasty comments about this apple’s lack of keeping ability and its typical early-apple-sharpness, Transparent is the ubiquitous first apple for a reason.

It really does ripen super early and that’s precious, even if you do need to eat it within nanoseconds of harvest or risk getting a mouthful of unappetizing wooliness.

So let’s see if we can lay off on the too-easy criticisms and instead notice the nice apple flavour Transparent gives us so very early in the season.

Transparent Facts

Its origins

Discovered in Russia or the Baltic States, 18th century.

Flavour, aroma, texture

Soft, pale cream-coloured, acidic flesh with some sugar and nice flavour.


A medium to large-sized apple with green or yellow skin.

When they’re available

Very early season (usually in late July or early August).

Quality for fresh eating

Good if eaten immediately after harvest.

Quality for cooking


Keeping ability

Minimal (a few days, if even that long, when kept refrigerated).