Why you should be excited

Tsugaru is a super-sweet Japanese variety that separates lovers of sweet apples from lovers of tart.

The story of Tsugaru

Tsugaru demonstrates mainstream Japanese taste for apples taken to the extreme.

It’s one of the sweetest apples you’ll ever find and critics will tell you it’s got little going for it other than the sugar and a wee bit more firmness than its parent, Golden Delicious.

For some apple lovers, sweet and firm are more than enough on their own to satisfy, thank you very much. Others, though, decry the lack of balance in Tsugaru, the lack of acid and the general lack of apple flavour. They say you can do a whole lot better, even among sweet apples.

Which position is ‘right’? Neither, of course, as this is all a matter of taste.

We recommend that you give Tsugaru a try and judge for yourself.

Tsugaru Facts

Its origins

Bred in Morioka, Japan; introduced in 1999.

Flavour, aroma, texture

Firm-fleshed, juicy and extremely sweet. The apple flavour is subdued; some say it's 'weak.'


Resembles Golden Delicious. A fairly large, yellow apple with a pink blush.

When they’re available

Very late season (usually in early November).

Quality for fresh eating


Quality for cooking

Mainly used for fresh eating.

Keeping ability

Very good (up to 5 months when kept refrigerated).