White Melrose

Why you should be excited

White Melrose is an old Scottish cooking apple that's revered by some Scots. Its skin is almost white.

The story of White Melrose

We've had a few Scots approach us, having heard that we've growing an apple called Melrose, hoping that it's the apple they remember from back home.

Positively swooning at the thought, these folks have been crushed to learn the Melrose we talk about a lot is a 20th century U.S. apple that's bright red and not the 19th century (or older) Scottish variety they know, which is, indeed, almost white in skin colour.

Well, we have both. And this one is reputed to be an appealing cooking apple, with nice flavour, enough acid to stand up to baking and the sort of history that makes it memorable to those who hail from Scotland.

As do some of our ancestors, so it's a good fit for our orchard.

White Melrose Facts

Its origins

Uncertain origins, but likely introduced by Scottish monks, sometime before 1831.

Flavour, aroma, texture

Cooked, it keeps some shape and delivers a nicely balanced sweet-sharp flavour.


This large, ribbed apple is a pale milky yellow. Yes, it's almost white-skinned.

When they’re available

Mid-season (usually in mid-September).

Quality for fresh eating

Mainly used for cooking.

Quality for cooking


Keeping ability

So-so (i month or slightly longer when kept refrigerated).