Winter Banana

Why you should be excited

More than just an apple with a wacky name, Winter Banana works well both for cooking and fresh eating.

The story of Winter Banana

If you like your apples big, juicy and aromatic, then this is the variety for you, even if you -- like us -- don't end up thinking 'banana' whenever you take a whiff.

Discovered in Indiana back in 1876, Winter Banana is an all-time classic. It looks hearty and tastes that way too. Crisp and benefitting from an outstanding balance of sugar and acid, this is the sort of apple your grandparents loved.

In addition to its other great attributes, Winter Banana grows on a tree that starts producing fruit young and then does so consistently year-in and year-out. It produces lots of large apples that keep very well -- a good four months, anyway -- once they're harvested.

Equally good cooked as eaten fresh, Winter Banana is also an excellent tree to add to your own orchard, as -- in addition to making nice apples -- it produces plenty of viable pollen to ensure a good haul of fruit on all the other trees.

Winter Banana Facts

Its origins

Discovered in Indiana, USA, 1876.

Flavour, aroma, texture

Crisp, juicy and aromatic, with a good sugar/acid balance.


Excellent. Large, with a rose-coloured blush covering much of the skin’s attractive yellow background skin colour.

When they’re available

Late season (usually in late October).

Quality for fresh eating

Very good.

Quality for cooking

Very good.

Keeping ability

Very good (up to 4 months when kept refrigerated).