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300 Apple Varieties

Yep, we're going to grow that many different types of apples. More than 200 of them are already in the ground. It's an incredible collection of classic heirloom and wonderful new varieties. And almost none of them are what you'll find filling the bins of most grocery stores. Read more


Rooms With a View

Salt Spring Island is an idyllic place to visit. And where better to stay than a room at the B&B @ Salt Spring Apple Company? Perfectly located and open year-round.

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Your own Apple Tree

We've got heritage and connoisseur apple trees for sale and we'll even graft one to your personal specifications. Read more




It's bloom season at Salt Spring Apple Company, with our early flowering varieties beginning to show their colours (well... actually... almost all apple blossoms are white, but you get our drift). With warm weather finally on its way, we're hoping our trees will progress well over coming weeks.

These are the weeks that say a lot about how the harvest will ultimately be; every warm day we get contributes to better ripening later. So we monitor the weather rather eagerly.

We're still hoping to get our 2,000th tree planted before we stop planting for the warm season, but even if we don't quite get there, we're pleased with how our fall, winter and early spring went in the planting department. Now we just need to do battle with the onslaught of weeds.

While we expect just a small crop of apples again this year -- we've got more than 1,500 trees that are too young and too small to be bearing fruit, even if they try to -- we will have a few certified organic apples available for sale starting in August (hopefully), plus apple trees to sell and a whole lot of work for us and our endlessly-changing crew of WWOOFers to focus on as orchard development moves toward our fourth and final block.

On top of all that, B&B activity is picking up as the days get brighter and warmer. We've got one unit available now and two more that will be available starting in late June, all of them overlooking our organic apple orchard, the ocean, islands and spectacular Mount Baker.

We're keeping busy.


Salt Spring Apple Company is working on something special, harkening back to Salt Spring's heyday as the foremost supplier of fresh apples to Western Canada.

On our modest little five acre property, we're growing an amazing range of fabulous organic apple varieties. Our goal is to take advantage of all that organic growers have learned in the past century about skillfully growing delicious, nutritious apples and doing so in harmony with the planet.

We're young and growing, or at least our apples are. In good time, you'll see our wonderful apples and related products for sale on Salt Spring, in Victoria and at a farmers' market near you.


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