Why you should be excited

A descendent of McIntosh, Cortland is popular among folks from the northeast of North America.

The story of Cortland:

Don’t you love it when a regional apple inspires fanatical loyalty among people from its part of the world? We sure do.

Most Cortland aficionados live in Eastern Canada and the northeast of the U.S.A. They swear by Cortland as a great eating apple, an improvement on its parent, McIntosh (the other parent is also a North American classic: Ben Davis).

It’s the flavour of Cortland that thrills these folks the most – just imagine the vinous nature of a Mac pushed up a notch or two.

That’s Cortland, an early 20th century apple that continues to stir memories and find new fans.

Cortland Facts

Its origins

Bred in Geneva, New York, USA; 1915 introduction.

Flavour, aroma, texture

Sweet, soft, melting white flesh, with a refreshing, vinous flavour reminiscent of McIntosh.


A medium-sized apple, red-flushed with an appearance similar to - you guessed it - McIntosh. Deeper coloured in cooler climates.

When they’re available

Late season (usually in October).

Quality for fresh eating


Quality for cooking

Mainly used for fresh eating.

Quality for cider

Has been used a fair bit in cider and has received good reviews.

Keeping ability

Good (3 months or even longer when kept refrigerated).