Newtown Spitzenberg

Why you should be excited

Newtown Spitzenberg is an old American apple with a potentially confusing name and nice eating quality.

The story of Newtown Spitzenberg

No, this is not the classic old Newtown Pippin. And, no, this is not the classic old Esopus Spitzenberg.

And, no, this is not a variety obtained by interbreeding those two varieties. Even if that would be an interesting match-up to try.

Newtown Spitzenberg is an entirely different apple, although one that hails from the same area as those two greats. Much less well known than those classics, this is a pleasant fresh-eating apple with subtle but appealing qualities that you’d think would earn it a bit more attention than it’s received.

Do a search on the internet for photos of this variety and you’ll see just how obscure it has become. But well worth trying, all the same.

Newtown Spitzenberg Facts

Its origins

Discovered in Newtown, New York, USA; first recorded in 1817.

Flavour, aroma, texture

The firm flesh is lightly aromatic and sweet, with a hint of nuttiness.


An attractive, brilliantly red apple.

When they’re available

Late season (usually in late October).

Quality for fresh eating


Quality for cooking

Mainly used for fresh eating.

Quality for cider

You won't find many folks singing the praises of Newtown Spitzenberg in cider, but that's got more to do with its obscurity than its merits in cider. You can be sure it's been used extensively in cider over the past two centuries.

Keeping ability

Good (up to 3 months when kept refrigerated).