Why you should be excited

Wrixparent is a seedling of Transparent that ripens even earlier and resists bruising, but has less flavour.

The story of Wrixparent

If you've got a name like Wrixham McIlvaine, you'd better hope you can immortalize it.

Thankfully, McIlvaine discovered an apple -- either a seedling of Transparent or a mutation of it (called a 'sport') -- that took his first name. Wrixparent has two big advantages: it ripens even earlier than Transparent and it's less vulnerable to bruising.

Unfortunately, it shares Transparent's other deficiencies, which include close to zero keeping ability. Plus, some say it's less flavourful than its parent.

But if you get as keen as we do for that first apple of the season, you may not mind the weaknesses.

Wrixparent Facts

Its origins

Discovered in Magnolia, Delaware, USA, around 1920.

Flavour, aroma, texture

A firm, sharp-flavoured apple that's well-suited to cooking (it breaks down into a puree) and very early fresh-eating.


A fairly large yellow, almost white-skinned, apple.

When they’re available

Very early season (usually in late July).

Quality for fresh eating


Quality for cooking


Keeping ability

Minimal (just a few days when kept refrigerated).